All- A physical poem of protest

“ALL..” is a physical poem of protest taking place in different locations in the world. The piece originate from Habib ́s large scale group piece“A song to…” from 2015 for 16 dancers and 30-50 local volunteers.

The poem consists of different local people, possibly of different ages, backgrounds and appearances. Depending on the cultural context and geographical place of the physical poem of protest, the participants might be clothed or naked. It may manifest as a 45 minute to three-hour long performance on stage, an hour manifestation in an outdoor public space or a protest, or… a 12-hour durational happening.

«ALL..» is born in times of large socio-political movements. Habib´s work is dealing with the question of how to draw the macro political into the body and rooting it in various local contexts.

“The score is epic because it is open enough to respond to any occasion and resonate with human struggle, protest and its poetry throughout time” (Jeremy Wade).

«Almost two hours into the performance, I find myself deeply moved, even welling up with emotion. This depth of impact seems to come from the unspoken feeling of solidarity; the way this collective work pushes back silently against a world that is “ripening for fascism.». – Lucy Cotter, Flash Arts, Portland.


Choreography: Mia Habib

Original light design: Ingeborg Olerud

ALL- a physical poem of protest will be facilitated in collaboration with dance artists from MHP

Producer & General Manager: Grethe Henden

Producer and International relation Manager: Siri Leonardsen

Supported by Arts Council Norway

Performed at Studiobühne Köln


Miriam Arnold
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